Our brand Textile House exists on European market from 15 years.

In 2008 was opened first shop in Poland. At the moment we count with 6 shops in Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland Voivodeship. We offer high quality second hand clothes.

Why second hand?

  • Reasonable price

    There are many reasons. In our shops you can buy for reasonable price high quality clothes, handbags, shoes and textiles. Our clothes are trendy. There are many unique garments  from known brands which you can purchase for attractive price.

  • Merchandise is precisely selected

    The headquarter of our group is located in Bratislava. As well as our sorting center which ensures us that clothes in our shops fulfill all quality requirements. Merchandise is Textile House is precisely selected.

  • Our brand

    Our brand Textile House features elegant sales floor and merchandising. Every garment is presented on its hanger with own price tag. We do not sell clothes by weight which differs us from our competition and proves high standard of clothes.

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